How to Stay Healthy as a New Parent

Being a new Parent while Staying Healthy

Priorities shift in a major way the day you become a new parent. Regular sleeping, eating, and workout habits tend to fly out the window to work around the newborn’s schedule. This can last for weeks or even months while the baby and new parent acclimate to each other’s routines.

However, it doesn’t mean that all healthy habits have to be derailed completely. Now more than ever is an important time for you, as a parent, to maintain a strong immune system and dedicated wellness plan.

Fuel Yourself with Good Food

Being a new parent can seem hectic to say the least, but there are ways to stay healthy amidst the chaos. Healthy eating choices are best done when prepared in advance. Chopping up fruit, portioning out almonds, or having yogurt on hand to quickly grab for a snack is better than reaching for whatever food is nearby in a pinch.

When the baby naps or plays nearby, prepare a few make-ahead meals to store in the freezer or prepare for the week ahead. Salads, sandwiches, and a quick mix of rice and veggies are healthy options that don’t require a lot of time. Maintaining these healthy habits will make it easier to pass along to your little one as well.

Plan Daily Exercise

There are days when exercise might be the last thing on your mind with all you have to juggle, but you can always sneak in shorter bursts of exercise, if you can’t yet commit to a consecutive 30 minutes or longer.

Go for a morning walk with your baby in the stroller. Do an exercise video at home. Or, request a family member or friend to stay with the baby for an hour, so you can hit the gym for a workout.

Keeping active during the day will also help with staying healthy, but make sure you have planned time for yourself to lift weights, take a class, or spend time on the treadmill.

Decompress and De-Stress

As soon as you wake up, your mind and body may go into autopilot, moving quickly from one task to another. This hectic pace can eventually catch up with you causing stress.

Take a few minutes at the end of the day to meditate, read a few chapters of a book, or catch up on a guilty pleasure tv show to give your mind and body a chance to de-stress. Every so often schedule some “me” time to get a massage, unplug from any electronics, and take a “timeout” to relax and recharge. This will put you in a better state of mind to be a better parent for your child. New parents definitely need all the rest they can get!

Life with a newborn can seem overwhelming in the beginning. It’s uncharted territory to navigate, but the journey is well worth it. It’s important to take care of yourself as much as possible to ensure you have the physical and mental energy to be the kind of parent you wish to be. Staying healthy is good not only for you, but for your whole family as well.

How to Navigate a Grocery Store While Eating Healthy

Navigate a Grocery Store While Healthy

Eating healthy is a lifestyle and may require a few attempts before it becomes a habit, but it’s definitely easier when you know how to approach it. It’s all too easy to derail from healthy eating due to the “convenience” of fast food or the temptation of packaged treats or sugary drinks. In order to dodge unhealthy bullets when doing your weekly grocery shopping, make sure you’re following these helpful tips.

Map It Out

Did you know grocery stores are set up so the “good” stuff is on the outer edges and the frozen food or snack section is usually more geared towards the middle? Next time you visit your local grocery store, notice how the fruits and veggies, eggs and yogurt all line the outside perimeter. These whole foods are what you want to incorporate into your diet over frozen dinners, cookies, and sweets.

If your plan is to eat healthy, it’s better to beeline for the outer areas first to get the healthiest, freshest foods, which don’t include preservatives, added fats, or high sodium content. You’ll know what’s going into the meals you’re making when you start with fresh ingredients. This helps you control your fat and salt intake firsthand.

By taking advantage of shopping for foods without refined sugars or preservatives, you are eating clean, a win for your digestive system and overall health.

Stick to the Plan

In addition to how you navigate the grocery store, it’s also a good idea to go prepared. By pre-planning your meals and writing out exactly the items you need, you’re less likely to unnecessarily splurge or succumb to the impulse food purchase.

Without a list, your intention may be to pick up a few salad ingredients for the week, but you may leave with frozen pizzas because they were “easier.” Exercise is only part of an effective fitness plan. Diet is equally important and requires equal attention.

Pack a Snack

Never navigate the grocery store hungry. Not only will it be easier to graze the free samples, but it will make everything seem like a good purchase whether you even like that food or not.

If you go around mealtime, a candy bar, bag of chips, or other easy-to-grab item is all too tempting while you shop. Make sure to pack a light snack in your bag. Either a handful of almonds or an apple should hold you over until you can sit down to a real meal. Also, it’s a good idea to always carry a bottle of water because hunger is often mistaken for being thirsty.

Treat Yourself

For the days you want an ice cream bar or a piece of pie, plan for those, too. Eating healthy means maintaining a good balance to keep yourself on track. While it’s not recommended to stock up on junk food on every trip, once every now and then, you may need a treat.

Meal planning sets you up for success when you want to eat healthy. Plus, it’s easier to decline temptation when you have a goal in mind. With the right game plan, convenience doesn’t have to be costly to your health or your wallet. It’s just as easy to pick up a bag of oranges as it is a bag of chips.

With a little preparation, time in the grocery store doesn’t have to be more than 15 or 20 minutes to shop for the week of meals and snacks. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a chore. When you get the best of what’s in season, you’ll realize just how many options you have and how flavorful food can be without added fats or salt.

How to Get Fit While Playing Pokemon Go

Staying fit while playing Pokemon

Pokémon Go is more than a mobile game; it’s become quite the sensation! With more than 7 million downloads of the game already, it’s safe to say it’s not likely to go anywhere anytime soon. When we think of video games, it usually involves sitting for hours in front of a screen with little to no movement or activity.

The opposite is true with Pokémon Go, since the more you move, the better your chances are in getting to the next level. Its engagement has led to official meetups and informal gatherings of people banding together on the hunt for Pokémon. There has been a gamification to exercise which are keeping people entertained and in shape.

Automatic Exercise Incentives Built Into the Game

The goal of the game is to track down all the Pokémon available, which are scattered throughout the city in different locations. Yelp has even joined the Pokémon craze by adding PokéStops to reviews so users know if they’ll be able to catch one next time they’re dining out, going to get a haircut, or hitting the gym.

What does this all mean for fitness? One of the best types of exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels is walking. In order to track down as many Pokémon as possible, you’ve got to get moving. In the same way step trackers like Fitbit made walking a competitive goal to see who can get to 10,000 steps fastest, Pokémon encourages people to explore the city by getting out and walking.

Pokémon Go has a feature called Lucky Egg, which is when the player earns double Experience Points (XP) for free rather than making an in-app purchase. To gain the coveted XPs, players must incubate and hatch Pokémon Eggs. How do they achieve this? By walking anywhere from 1.2 to 6.2 miles, whatever is required, to hatch the egg. One such egg hunt will easily get in your daily recommended steps and exercise.

Plan a Day with Pokémon Go and Get Fit

Planning a day for playing Pokémon? Here are a few ways to get in a good workout at the same time:

Take the stairs. In areas where you’re tracking down Pokémon, take the longer route to get there or opt for stairs, instead of the elevator or flatter areas. You’ll still get to your destination, while also giving your quads a workout and getting your heart pumping a little more.

Bring your dog along. When you bring your pet along, you and your dog get the daily exercise you need. Your pup will be happy and so will you. A winning situation all the way around.

Dress accordingly. Wear comfortable shoes and loose-fit clothing to stay outdoors longer and enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and feeling of triumph as you track down more Pokémon.

Pack snacks. Rather than stopping at the closest convenience store to fuel up, make sure you pack a few healthy snacks or bottled water to stay hydrated and healthy while out and about.

Think about life before Pokémon Go and how much you fit in exercise to your daily routine. The gaming sensation has created a way to burn calories while still having fun. Even if you’ve kept with a regular exercise program before Pokémon resurfaced, it’s still a great way to shake things up and keep yourself from getting into a workout rut.