4 Group Classes for Cardiovascular Fitness

Are your exercise workouts getting stale and boring? Spice them up with group fitness classes in Fort Washington. While the offerings vary from one gym to the next, most healthclubs offer popular classes like Zumba. These heart-healthy, high energy workouts may be just what you need to keep reaching for your goals.

Exciting, new classes keep your cardio workouts fresh and eliminate boredom in the process. Many are designed for beginning and seasoned athletes alike. Here are four group classes to consider for cardiovascular fitness.

1. Zumba 

Zumba is one of the hottest fitness classes Fort Washington has to offer. With fun, Latin music and dance-like movements, it feels more like a dance party than a rigid cardio workout. There is no better way to revive a stale workout than Zumba.

Suitable for all fitness levels, this high energy class challenges beginners and veterans alike. Due to its current popularity, Zumba is offered at most gyms across the nation. Fort Washington fitness classes include this and other cardio workouts.

2. Spinning

Spinning is another popular group class for cardiovascular fitness. If you want to build endurance, this is one of the best fitness classes in Fort Washington. The entire class takes place on a stationary bike with a special design. Your pace will vary throughout the class based on cues from the instructor.

Spinning classes intimidate some people, but your speed and intensity is really up to you. If you are new to spinning, it may take a while to get used to the bike. However, you can manually change the settings to make it as easy or hard as you like.

3. Kick Boxing

If you want a high-impact workout, kick boxing is a good option. Not only does it provide an intense cardio workout, but it also tones your arm and leg muscles. Like Zumba and spinning, kick boxing is among the best fitness classes Fort Washington gyms offer.

Kick boxing focuses on various kicks and punches. The kicks help define the muscles in your legs and backside, while the punches sculpt your arm muscles. The overall workout strengthens your heart muscle. Most Fort Washington fitness classes offer kick boxing for cardiovascular fitness.

4. Boot Camp

Boot camp is exactly what the name implies: a short but challenging fitness camp that requires focus and discipline. It is better for seasoned athletes than for those who are new to exercise. The fitness classes in Fort Washington combine intense drills that target every muscle in the body.

Jumping jacks, push-ups, squats and sprints are some of the drills performed in boot camp. The activities elevate the heart rate even during toning exercises. Boot camp is essentially interval training that switches from toning to cardio drills. It is a great way to kick your exercise workouts to a higher level.

These are just four of the many fitness classes Fort Washington has to offer. They are an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Visit Fitness Evolution at 12746 Old Fort Rd to see the classes offered in your area.


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