Choose the Best, Affordable Gym in Seattle

There’s more to any Seattle gym than the price they charge. You need key features and special benefits in addition to affordable rates. When you begin the search for your fitness center, start with a checklist and then see who can meet all of your needs. Here are a few things you may want to look for in your new gym.

No Surprises or Hidden Charges

Nobody likes hidden charges, and you don’t want to have any unhappy surprises when you pay bills every month. The most affordable gym in Seattle will not only offer a low monthly premium, but they also won’t have any hidden charges. At Fitness Evolution, you can get started for the low monthly price of only $9.99 plus applicable taxes. This provides you with access to the main gym, including the cardio equipment, machines, and weights.

If you’re interested in having guest privileges, access to Fitness Evolution centers around the nation and unlimited tanning, then your monthly rate will rise slightly to $19.99 with the Basic + package. We also offer Premium package that includes all of these benefits plus unlimited group classes for the month. Other gyms charge $60 a month or more just for the classes, but Fitness Evolution offers all of these perks for the low monthly rate of $29.99. This makes them an affordable gym in Seattle that’s worth taking a closer look at.

Leave the Contracts Behind

You should go to the Seattle gym because you want to improve health, increase strength or work on endurance. Visit the gym because you’re trying to better yourself, not because you feel guilty over the monthly fees. In addition to attractive rates, Fitness Evolution has a no-contract policy. You can enjoy the facility for as long as you like without being locked into a lifetime commitment. This is better for you financially, and it also ensures that you always receive great customer service. When a gym has you locked in to payments through a contract, they have no motivation to provide great service. At Fitness Evolution, they know that the excellent service and friendly employees are important to keep customers happy and coming back.

Space, Selection and Atmosphere

The reasons for visiting the gym vary from one individual to the next. One person may want to visit with friends while working out, and another may want to work out completely by themselves. The best Seattle gym has enough space for you to work out with a small group or on your own. They will have the range of equipment you need to work out different muscle groups and focus on your individual goals. They’ll also have the customer service professionals available to answer your questions about different machines. Finally, the atmosphere in the gym should be one that’s conducive to working out. It should be clean and well-maintained without broken or damaged equipment.

When you’re ready to search for an affordable gym in Seattle, you won’t have to look far. Fitness Evolution of Seattle believes in customer service, so they offer all the services you want. They have the selection and the great atmosphere. They also offer low prices that you cannot beat, and you’ll never have to deal with contracts or hidden fees. Call them today to ask for a tour of the facility and see if they can help you meet your fitness goals.


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