Become a Member of an Affordable Gym with Great Amenities

Select a Nearby Sterling Healthclub to Exercise

Individuals living in Virginia want to find an affordable place to achieve physical fitness with state-of-the-art treadmills and stationary bicycles. Sterling has healthclubs that do not require signing a long-term contract with expensive fees each month. If you are looking for a nearby neighborhood location with an easy to access parking lot, then make a few telephone calls to talk to managers. The best fitness locations will not have high-pressure salespeople trying to get you to sign an unaffordable contract. The facilities will provide a variety of amenities without constantly asking for additional money.

Parents Enjoy Having Free Childcare Services

Parents deserve an affordable place to exercise too, but many families are unable to pay an extra fee for babysitting while working out at a gym. Fortunately, there are Sterling healthclubs that provide free childcare on-site. This means you only need to travel to one location to have a fun place for children to stay while you participate in group exercise classes with friends. It is great to know that your children also get a chance to learn about nutrition and physical fitness as part of a gym’s amenities. Your children will also look forward to being with their friends at a Kid’s Club.

Get to Watch Movies While Exercising

Everyone knows how expensive it is to watch movies in a theater, but there are Sterling healthclubs that have theater rooms filled with elliptical machines and stair-climbers. You can combine long hours of boring exercise with watching your favorite actress in the latest feature. Alternatively, you can watch a high-definition television that is attached to top-of-the-line exercise equipment while having a workout. The best gym will have a lot of free weights and exercise machines so that clients do not need to stand in long lines during each visit.

Enjoy a Relaxing Sauna Session after Work

Sterling has healthclubs with additional amenities as part of the low-cost no contract fee. You can enjoy a relaxing sauna session after a difficult day at work before participating in a 30 minute circuit training program. If you have always wanted to enjoy the services of a personal trainer, then a knowledgeable one is available to help with creating a meal plan and exercise routine. A personal trainer can teach you the correct way to use exercise equipment in order to maximize workouts to achieve fitness goals faster.

Choose From Three Great Packages

Fitness Evolution in Sterling has fantastic women’s changing facilities along with upscale locker rooms to store your personal items safely while you exercise. You can choose from three affordable packages at Fitness Evolution, including Premium, Basic+ and Basic. All packages include a free orientation to see where exercise equipment and amenities are located. The Basic+ package is extremely popular with our clients because it includes unlimited tanning sessions, guest privileges and a T-shirt. Many of our clients choose to upgrade to the no contract Premium package that provides unlimited group exercise classes.


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