Join the Best Gym in Everett with Additional Amenities

No Contract Workout Facility

The end of summer is a great time to consider joining an Everett gym to get back in shape for the beginning of school. No matter if you are a student who has had a lazy summer or a parent caring for children on their school vacation, the best gym in Everett, Wash., requires no long-term commitment. For most people, a new school year begins soon with a lot of expenses such as textbooks and clothing, leaving little money for a health club membership. Fortunately, there are companies with an understanding of living on a strict budget, leading to workout facilities that do not require a large upfront fee and lifelong contract.

Free Childcare On-Site

The thought of entering a health club frightens many individuals because they do not want to deal with high-pressure sales tactics from employees. By looking online or in a telephone directory, you can find an Everett gym located near your home, stores and schools, making it easy to schedule a fast workout with 30 minute circuit training or all-day workouts using an assortment of top-of-the-line exercise equipment. Maybe, you are a parent with small children who wants a way to get out of the house to spend time with other adults. The best gym in Everett has on-site childcare with professional caregivers who teach children about exercise and nutrition while parents are having a workout.

Enjoy Numerous Amenities

Alternatively, you might be a college student who lives with several roommates in a crowded apartment who needs a great place to exercise that also provides entertainment. Imagine paying a low monthly fee to enjoy a variety of treadmills, stair-climbers and elliptical machines that have an attached high-television television to view movies and on-demand shows. Paying for these amenities separately in most health clubs would cost a fortune, but the best gym in Everett provides everything for one small price per month. There are no time limits at this Everett gym, allowing members to arrive early in the morning and stay until late in the evening.

Join Fun Group Classes

If you have not had a workout in several years, then learning how to use free weights or modern exercise equipment is vital to avoid an injury. Many health clubs charge a huge extra fee to get assistance from a knowledgeable personal trainer, but the best gym in Everett provides this amenity at no additional charge. Not only can you get an individualized workout plan, the personal trainer can help with designing grocery shopping and menu planning to get back into physical shape as quickly as possible. As if all of these perks were not enough to convince you to join, there are also group classes offered several times a week.

Schedule a Facility Tour

Anyone interested in joining an affordable workout facility should contact Fitness Evolution today to schedule a tour. You will get to see upscale locker rooms for storing possessions or having a shower along with a cardio movie theater to see the latest features. Members can choose between Basic, Basic+ and Premium packages that never require a contract but provide a variety of amenities. Your no contract membership might include free guest privileges, unlimited tanning and a free T-shirt.


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