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It is obvious that the obesity problem in the United States is completely out of control. We have all read the articles about this country being the most obese on the planet. How did we get to this point? The unhealthy fast food culture we live in is only part of the problem. A person can eat unhealthy and still avoid becoming obese if they exercise on a regular basis. However, too many people in this country live sedentary lifestyles, spending many hours each week in front of their computers or televisions. Decades ago, people did not have as many indoor forms of entertainment, so they spent their time outdoors getting exercise. This is why there was no obesity problem back then.

Whatever the reasons are for this dramatic rise in obesity in this country, it is clear the only way to combat it is for people to commit to a drastic lifestyle change. Those who continue to eat poorly without exercising are destined to end up with heart disease, cancer and many other health problems associated with obesity. Exercising on a regular basis at a White Oak MD gym has a great deal of benefits that many people are not aware of. Here are two of the health benefits of exercise that often get overlooked:

Exercise improves sleep

You could be the healthiest person on the planet. You could have an extremely healthy diet with a muscular and toned physique. However, if you are not getting the sleep your body requires, it is only a matter of time until you begin to suffer major health problems. Your body does its recovering and repairing during the hours when you are sleeping. If you deprive your body of its required sleep, this will result in a weakening of your immune system. You will get sick much easier than you would if you ere getting enough sleep. Neurochemicals and endorphins allow your body to become relaxed more easily. These endorphins are released during exercise. Stress is also eliminated by working out at a White Oak MD gym.

Your brain gets exercise

Most of the focus of exercise is placed on the physical benefits it provides. However, the levels of oxygen and blood that get circulated to your brain will be increased by working out at a gym in White Oak, MD. When this occurs, it increases the rate that nerve cells regulating your brain’s memory functioning are able to grow. New brain cells and their connections to each other are maintained by chemicals in your brain. The level of these chemicals is increased by exercise. According to studies conducted by the Alzheimer’s Research Center, the best method of preventing Alzheimer’s Disease is to exercise on a regular basis. The hippocampus is the area of the brain that keeps you alert and manages your memory. The size of the hippocampus can be increased by exercising at a gym in White Oak, MD.

If you are looking for a White Oak MD gym, the Fitness Evolution location in Baltimore offers the following amenities:

– Upscale locker rooms
– Personal training
– Large cardio selection
– Cardio machines with personal HDTVs
– Tanning
– Online nutrition and workout programs
– Kids Club child care
– 30min circuit training
– Showers
– Online how-to videos
– Free weights
– Workout generator

Fitness Evolution is the best gym in White Oak. Stop by any time to check out the facility for yourself. You can find it in the main shopping square close to Main Street and 2nd Street.

Fitness Evolution
6512 Reisterstown Rd
Baltimore, MD 21215

Call (410) 764-8888 for more information.


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