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For many years, the United States has had a serious problem with obesity. It does not seem like the problem is getting any better. In fact, it is safe to say that obesity has reached epidemic proportions in this country. There are many factors that have played a role in this. However, there can be no question that the biggest factor is that people are not exercising now as much as they did a few decades ago. Why have people stopped exercising? The general consensus seems to be the invention of computers, video games and other types of gadgets and electronic entertainment that did not exist a few decades ago.

In the days before this technology existed, people would spend more time outside doing physical activities, unless they were living in a cold climate where this was not possible. Now people under the age of 25 have grown up in a world filled with video games and computers. As a result, they get little or no exercise. It is no surprise that the obesity problem is worse than ever before. Heart disease is also on the rise at a rate that is unparalleled in human history. If you are obese, consider joining a Baltimore gym to get yourself on the path to fitness. The best gyms in Baltimore can give you the following health benefits:

1. Weight loss

Obviously, this is the issue that people who are obese are most concerned about. Developing a workout routine at one of the best gyms in Baltimore and sticking with it will help you get to your ideal weight. Burning a total of 500 calories per day will allow you to lose one pound each week. This is assuming that you are also eating sensibly at the same time. If an obese person can lose 10 percent of their body weight by exercising in a Baltimore gym, it will dramatically reduce the possibility of them developing conditions that are life-threatening.

2. A healthy heart

Exercising daily in a Baltimore gym will make your heart stronger. Blood will be able to pump with greater efficiency and less strain. Your levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure will all be reduced. This will cause blood to more smoothly flow through your arteries. One half hour of exercise five times a week is enough to significantly reduce your odds of getting heart disease.

3. Improved mental health

Although it is often overlooked, exercising on a regular basis in a social and supportive environment can have a substantial impact on your mental health. Self-esteem and confidence can be increased. Exercise can also help to reduce stress and improve sleep.

4. Amenities

One of the reasons Fitness Evolution is considered to be one of the best gyms in Baltimore is the amount of amenities they offer:

– Tanning
– Online workout and nutrition programs
– Kids club child care
– 30min circuit training
– Upscale locker rooms
– Personal training
– Cardio machines with personal HDTVs
– Workout generator
– Showers
– Online how-to videos
– Free weights

If you want to see the Fitness Evolution facility and everything it has to offer, it is located at:

Fitness Evolution
6512 Reisterstown Rd
Baltimore, MD 21215

They can be reached at (410) 764-8888.

MON – THU 5am – 11pm
FRI 5am – 9pm
SAT – SUN 7am – 7pm


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