Busting Common Gym Myths

Breaking Myths About Fitness Centers

Gyms are opening in most cities, and several places have an abundance of health centers to choose from. There’s no doubt that the demand for workout centers will continue to grow, and yet there are still myths about gyms and working out in general. If you’ve stayed away from Sterling fitness centers because of these myths, then it may be time for you to visit a Sterling fitness facility and take a closer look.

Lifting Weights if Only for Men

One of the great benefits of a professional place for fitness Sterling is that you’ll have access to a wide range of weight machines and free weights. However, many women still have this view that lifting weights is only for guys. They worry that they’ll bulk up with big muscles if they touch a handweight, but this simply isn’t true. In fact, it’s important for women to choose resistance training and weight lifting to help build bone mass, keep down body fat and help boost metabolism. You aren’t going to develop massive muscles unless you really push yourself with heavy weights, but you will see your body toning and start to feel healthier.

One Gym is the Same as Another

There are several Sterling fitness centers to choose from, but they aren’t all created equal. A gym is more than a collection of machines and free weights. It’s a team of people who take care of the equipment and ensure that everything is well-maintained and clean. It’s a staff that’s friendly and personable. It’s an atmosphere that makes you feel welcome and invited regardless of your age or fitness level.

The Scale’s not Changing so I’m Wasting Time Working Out

This is a common problem for people when they first star investing in fitness Sterling. They’re working out, and they expect the scale to start moving. However, weight loss requires more than just going for a run on the treadmill. You also need to improve dietary habits, and you need to give it time. Even if the numbers on the scale aren’t moving, you’re probably still benefiting from higher energy levels, improved moods and clothes that fit better.

The Fit People will Laugh at the Rest of Us

Going to the gym isn’t about an us-versus-them mentality. It’s about losing weight and getting fit. Most people in the gym are too busy with their own workouts to really look around and worry about other patrons. The right gym for you will have friendly staff members who set the tone for everyone by providing all patrons with the support and respect they deserve.

I’m Too Old to Get in Shape

It’s never too late to get fit. The top Sterling fitness centers cater to people of all ages. They have middle-aged parents who are trying to preserve their health so they can enjoy their grandchildren later. They cater to elderly patrons who are working out to help keep inflammation from arthritis down, and they cater to the young who may be trying to bulk up or improve strength for a particular sport.

When you’re ready to improve your Sterling fitness levels, start by getting a membership to Fitness Evolution. This gym has a friendly atmosphere you’ll appreciate along with an incredible range of equipment to choose from. Classes and tanning are available for a small fee, and the staff is focused on your satisfaction. Don’t believe the myths about gyms or working out. What matters is that you’re ready to get in shape and reach your health goals, and the team at Evolution Fitness is waiting to help you.


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