Cardio in Baltimore, MD

Have you been thinking about improving your cardio level in 2014? If so, you should think about joining Fitness Evolution in Baltimore, MD.

We know that most people don’t usually visualize gyms in Baltimore when they want to improve their cardio, but we’re here to change that visualization. While we do have a ton of free weights at our gym, we also have many ellipticals and treadmills for all of our members who love to run.

If you’re someone who enjoys loves running outdoors in Baltimore, MD, we understand. However, Fitness Evolution provides you with many perks that you would never experience during outdoor runs.

Check out our whole list of amenities: personal training, personal TVs on cardio, tanning, Kids Club child care, a large cardio selection, free weights, group classes, Video On-Demand on our cardio machines, circuit training, group personal training, and upscale locker rooms.

While going over our amenity list, you saw that we have Video and TVs On-Demand on our cardio machines, personal training, and circuit training. Each of these are very helpful in improving your endurance.

The video and televisions that we have can help you in case you ever fall into a boredom trap while on the elliptical or treadmill. Many times, we have heard people say that they do not want to run because they find it boring and repetitive. Constantly performing the same movements while running on the same treadmill can get tedious at times, and we don’t blame you if you begin to find the process to be a bit redundant. However, we know that you will not get bored if you’re running on one of our treadmills and watching one of your favorite television shows! If you’re running and watching your favorite show, your muscles might even take over, and you’ll completely forget that you’re exercising at all! Instead, you will just be completely immersed in your favorite television show while burning off a ton of calories and getting in your cardio. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Our personal trainers are well-versed in helping out runners who are training for marathons or races of any other distance. Our staff is always helpful, so you can approach them and see if any of them have ever participated in distance runs! If you find a trainer who has ever participated in a distance run, feel free to ask them how to improve your cardio. We are certain that our trainers can help you improve your cardio and help you become a faster runner in the process.

We can’t wait for you to stop by Fitness Evolution in Baltimore, MD. We will provide you with a tour of the facility so that you can see just how perfect we are for all of your cardio needs!


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