Enjoy an Assortment of Amenities at a State-Of-The-Art Health Club

Have Access to Quality Equipment

Most Seattle gyms require their customers to sign a long-term contract that requires paying a fee each month for a year or longer. This is why many people refuse to enter a fitness studio at all. Everyone deserves an opportunity to become physically fit by using pristine state-of-the-art exercise equipment, including stationary bicycles and stair-climbers. The reality is that most individuals are unable to afford an assortment of expensive free weights and elliptical machines to keep at home. However, with careful budgeting many individuals can manage to pay a low-cost fee per month at an exercise facility that requires no long-term commitments.

On-Site Childcare makes it Easy to Workout Each Day

Parents often find it difficult to afford joining Seattle gyms due to not having a babysitter available each day. Finding an exercise facility that offers childcare as part of its amenities makes it easy for a parent to have a workout. Knowing that your child is nearby learning about nutrition and fitness makes it easy to relax while participating in a weight lifting class. Alternatively, you might want to enjoy a movie while using a treadmill that has a personal high-definition television as your children are taken care of by experts.

Learn from Knowledgeable Personal Trainers

If it has been awhile since you have used exercise equipment such as elliptical machines, then having knowledgeable attendants to explain how to use the devices correctly is imperative. Using a treadmill or stair-climber in an inaccurate way can lead to muscle and joint pain, instead of weight loss. The best Seattle gyms provide easy to access videos that explain the proper way to use equipment to maximize a workout while preventing injuries. All of these amenities should be available at a health club without requiring an additional fee that makes a workout too expensive for the average person.

Watch Movies While Exercising at our Seattle Gyms

Instead of watching an entertainment program on a tiny high-definition television attached to a stationary bicycle, you can exercise in a movie theater with a big screen. Not only are you paying a small fee each month to use an assortment of exercise equipment and amenities such as upscale locker room, you also get access to 1,000 videos on demand. Seattle gyms that offer a wide variety of perks are a high value when customers only pay a small fee each month without a contract.

Enjoy Participating in Group Fitness Classes

At Fitness Evolution, we are dedicated to making it more affordable for clients to exercise by offering packages at different price points. Our Premium package includes everything our facility has to offer, including unlimited tanning along with personal training. Clients get to enjoy wearing a free T-shirt with the Premium and Basic+ monthly package deal. Everyone gets to participate in group exercise classes that are led by energetic and enthusiastic trainers who strive to make a workout enjoyable. Clients can keep track of their class times and workout goals with free online tools.


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