Find Out About the Best Gym in Laurel

For those who frequent their favorite fitness center, you know a gym is not just a gym. You go for those amenities, the excellent state-of-the-art equipment and the exciting classes. This is what you find at the best gym in Laurel, MD. For a closer look at all there is waiting for you at this choice location, we are going to lay it out for you here.

What Distinguishes the Laurel Gym from others?

First and foremost, your Laurel gym membership entitles you to our premium fitness club without having to reserve funds to pay premium prices. We have committed to a simpler approach at a nominal monthly fee allowing our members the freedom to enjoy exactly what they want. Pick a particular exercise regimen or take advantage of them all. What is your favorite routine?

  • Cardio machines
  • Free weights with multiple racks
  • Strength training
  • Resistance


Members Need Not Feel Alone in Pursuit of Great Health

While there are plenty of Laurel gym members who have their own program in place, no one ever needs to feel as though they are all on their own to learn and take advantage of the knowledge provided by our skilled professionals. If it isn’t the Group Exercise Classes, we also have Nutrition Counseling and Personal Training to help members develop a program that works for their needs. We also have a Yoga Studio, Spin Classes, Cardio Kickboxing, our Pilates Studio and a Sauna to simply sweat and relax away the pounds.

The Best Gym in Laurel has Classes for Everyone

Not only do we offer a full schedule of classes from which to choose, we offer a pass so you can give them a try before deciding on what you want to sign up for. Here is a list of what we offer:

  • Ab Classes – Blast, +2 and Plus
  • All Step, Power Step, Step & Ball, Step 101, Step 2 and BODYSTEP™
  • Afro-Brazilian Dance
  • Functional Strength
  • Group Cycle
  • Guts & Butt – for tackling everyone’s two greatest problem areas
  • Muscle or Total Body Workout – to work major muscle groups with the use of balls, bands and weights
  • RPM™ – your indoor cycling workout that takes you on a course that our team coach leads you through flats, into hills and up mountain peaks using time trials and interval training. It will make an athlete out of you!
  • TNT or “Tight-N-Tone”
  • Yogalates – think of it: Combining yoga and pilates for the perfect integrated techniques to get fit


Keep Fit While the Kids Keep Busy

The convenience of our Kids Club located right inside the gym is the perfect solution for the busy mom or dad who want to maintain their fitness regime without the stress of wondering how to accommodate the little ones. They are having safe fun while you enjoy the support services our certified professionals create to accommodate your schedule and lifestyle.

You can freshen up after a great workout in our comfortable and clean locker rooms. Reward yourself with a healthy beverage in the Pro-Shop or sports bars. Before you settle for less, take a tour and a trial of one or more classes at Fitness Evolution and experience the best gym in Laurel. You will be glad you did.


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