Fitness Classes at the Best Gym in North Laurel MD

For many years, one of the most effective and popular ways for people to exercise has been in fitness classes. There are a variety of reasons for this. For example, it is common for people to prefer working out among other people at the best gym in North Laurel MD, as opposed to doing an identical workout routine alone at home. There is a natural energy present in a fitness class that people thrive on. People also enjoy the helpful motivation they receive from the instructor and the students in the class. Over the past decade, the United States has seen an explosion in the popularity of fitness classes. Many gyms provide a decent selection of classes for members to choose from. Whatever area of the body you want to tone up, there is a class designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Here are a couple classes you will find at a North Laurel gym:


BodyPump is a fitness program that is weight-based. In 1991, the first BodyPump class was held by Phillip Mills. You can now find this class being taught in 70 countries and 10,000 gyms. One hour classes are held at a North Laurel gym featuring eight songs that correspond to specific groups of muscles. There are also songs played during the warm-up and cool-down phases of each class. A 45-minute version of the BodyPump class also exists. In this class, there are no songs played for the biceps and triceps. These classes feature the use of free weight-plates, barbells and aerobic step. Students can choose which weights to use depending on what they want to accomplish in the class. Squats, presses, dead lifts and other isolation and compound-based exercises are used to exercise muscle groups.


A popular class found at a North Laurel gym is Zumba, created by Alberto Perez in the 1990s. He is a Columbian dancer and choreographer who based this fitness class on dancing. There are equal dance and aerobic elements in the class. Zumba choreography incorporates salsa, samba, martial arts, soca, mambo, merengue and hip hop. The majority of Zumba routines also contain squats and lunges. One hour is the typical class length. The Zumba Academy licenses all class instructors. Slow and fast music are used equally in every class. Zumba classes can be found in 186 countries and 130,000 locations. 14 million people attend a Zumba class during any given week.

Because Fitness Evolution is the best gym in North Laurel MD, they offer the following fitness classes:

– Kickboxing Circuit
– Bodystep
– Yogalates
– Step & Ball
– Kickboxing
– All step
– Zumba
– Step 101
– Yoga
– Guts & Butt
– Afro-Brazilian Dance
– Total body workout
– Power step
– Group cycle
– Abs plus
– TNT (Tight-N-Tone)
– Pilates
– Functional strength
– Abs + 2
– Step 2
– Muscle
– Cardio kickboxing
– Ab blast

If you would like to stop by and take a tour of Fitness Evolution, the best gym in North Laurel MD, the friendly staff would be happy to show you around. They are located at:

Fitness Evolution
3541 Fort Meade Rd
Suite B
Laurel, MD 20724

If you have questions regarding classes, equipment, pricing or anything else, please call (301) 490-5050.

MON – FRI 5am – 11pm
SAT – SUN 8am – 8pm


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