Fitness Evolution’s Workout Value Proposition

We all want to feel healthy, and the best way to do this is by staying fit. Memberships in a health club or Baltimore gyms often come with a hefty price tag, however. When you make Fitness Evolution your fitness center, though, you’ll be able to achieve your health goals without busting your budget.

You’ll never encounter high-pressure sales people at our gym. We think our value proposition speaks for itself. Since our gym is part of a nationwide network, you’ll also be able to keep up your workouts whenever you travel just by paying one low premium price every month.

Stay Healthy with Baltimore Gyms

Our fitness center offers you the advantages of state-of-the-art equipment such as stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, free weights and more. Additionally, we offer:

• 30min Circuit Training
• Cardio Machines With Personal HDTVs
• Free Weights
• Kids Club Child Care
• Large Cardio Selection
• Online How-To Videos
• Online Nutrition & Workout Programs
• Personal Training
• Showers
• Tanning
• Upscale Locker Rooms
• Workout Generator

We’re open seven days a week and offer convenient hours of operation designed to meet your busy schedule.

Still wondering whether we’re the right choice for you? Try us for three days absolutely free. Just go online and sign up for our 3-Day Pass. We’re confident that at the end of that trial period you’ll realize the many advantages that we have over other Baltimore gyms.

How Does Fitness Evolution Work?

We operate on one simple premise: Clients aren’t expected to pay for services that they don’t use. This makes us one of the most economical of all Baltimore gyms.

Our basic club memberships start as low as $9.99 per month. For less than ten dollars, you’ll get access to a vast array of the very latest exercise equipment. You won’t have to strain your own wallet to pay for expensive gym equipment or invest in the maintenance and repairs that equipment may require over time. You won’t have to clutter up the space in your home with exercise equipment either.

Our in-house exercise gurus are always reviewing the latest exercise equipment models too, and if we find equipment that’s more streamlined and efficient, we replace our existing machines.

Our gyms are always clean and well maintained. We also feature hygienic showers and secure locker areas where you can feel confident your personal items will remain safe while you engage in your workout.

Training Support

We select the personal trainers who work in our facility very carefully. We only want our clients to work with the very best. Our personal trainers will go out of their way to understand your health goals, and help you tailor a workout program that’s individualized to your specific needs. We employ a number of personal trainers, and we always try to match our clients with the trainers whose skills, experience and personality will provide the most advantageous fit.

If you’re new to exercise machines, our personal trainers will show you how to use them most effectively. We can also orient you to the use of free weights. If you’ve reached a “plateau” where you’ve stopped progressing toward your goals, a personal trainer can also help you devise a strategy that will help you resume your progress. Our trainers don’t believe in giving you vague directions. Instead, they’ll give you a list of actionable items that will make a tangible difference in your physical strength.

Online Features

You can access the exercise plan that you and your personal trainer have collaborated upon from anywhere with an Internet connection, using a wide array of Internet-enabled devices including personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. If your device is connected to a printer, you should have no trouble at all printing out a hard copy. Accessing your workout plan online will let you keep track of your workouts even when you don’t have time to come into the fitness center.

If your strength-training plan includes making diet changes, we also maintain a huge online nutritional database with information about more than 70,000 foods. This will help you optimize your nutritional intake if you’re counting calories.

Kids Club Playrooms

It can be particularly hard for parents to find the time to work out. When you belong to our gym, though, you can bring your children along to the health club. We offer a spectrum of activities for infants and children up through the age of 14. Children look forward to coming to our Kids Club because they know they’ll have entertaining things to do and get to hang out with the friends that they’ve made. Parents are free to check in on their little ones any time they feel like taking an exercise break.

Video and Cinema

One of the reasons why many individuals who are interested in becoming more physically fit fail to meet their goals is because they may find working out on the elliptical or treadmill tedious. At our health club, we understand that this is a normal reaction to repetitive movement. That’s why all our cardio exercise machines are outfitted with high-definition televisions so that you can watch your favorite shows while you’re getting fit.

We also have a Cardio Cinema room where you can run the equivalent of ten miles while watching a favorite movie. Many of our clients get so caught up in what they’re watching that they even forget they’re running. The Cardio Cinema room is a really great way to train for an upcoming marathon or some other long-distance event.

Between its convenient hours of operation, its modern exercise equipment, its friendly atmosphere and its many amenities, Fitness Evolution is a health club that stands apart from other run-of-the-mill Baltimore gyms. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Come to our website, sign up for our no-cost three-day pass and then come work out in our up to date fitness center so you can experience the Fitness Evolution advantage for yourself. You can also call us or come in person to our accessible Baltimore location to learn more about what we do.


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