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What is fitness evolution?

A new brand designed for sustainability and enduring success.

We are evolving

The way fitness was delivered and sold 10 years ago, 5 years ago or even last year is being made obsolete each day by technology, consumer needs and competition. We embrace this change as fuel for growth! In each of our markets we develop exactly what that market needs and build in the flexibility to change and adapt each location as opportunity presents itself.

Who is fitness evolution?

We are a team of lifelong fitness business operators that have constructed, owned, developed, managed, and operated facilities nationwide. All members of the executive team either sold their legacy gyms to national brands or left their executive positions with a singular focus; fix how fitness is delivered nationwide.

Change of Direction

Our experience has shown us the strength and weaknesses of all fitness business models. Our facilities are geared around delivering the best facility for the least money to the most members in a market.

Fitness evolution will appeal to many existing independent gyms that have seen their market position erode. These owners have had enough with the scramble of a “make it work” approach and are ready to “make it dominate”.

In the markets we run our model, the consumers’ view of what fitness can be and how affordable fitness should be is permanently changed. Fitness evolution has exciting colors, industry leading entertainment and luxurious interiors. All of this is offered at a value price point that has the effect of what we call a market “reset”.

Flexibility and acceptance

Few brands accept existing facilities without hundreds of thousands of dollars of remodeling to conform to their brand. Different boxes, colors and styles are not a concern for us. We want you to dominate your market and will work with you on a facility improvement plan that makes you stronger every week, month and quarter. Each market is different and should be treated as unique. We have a successful formula that can accommodate numerous facility types and legacy developments.

Our Motto:

“We will make it easier and more profitable to do business with us, than without us”

Our members experience incredible facilities and a game changing value, as do our franchisees. The attitude of service, respect, and value that we offer our members is reflected in our franchise offering. Growth and volume come from value and respect. Our stores are built and thrive from this simple concept as will our franchise offering.

We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and leveraged decades of experience to create our product. We will make it all available to you.

Franchise Benefits

  • Personal Assistance and Guidance

  • A Website with Online Signup, Integrated Billing and Marketing, and Mobile Ready.

  • Managed Search Engine Optimization

  • Branding, Logos and Secure Trademarks

  • Manuals, HR Documents, Business Plan, and Proforma Templates

  • Interior Design by an Industry Leader

  • Equipment Purchase Agreements

  • Our Industry Leading Marketing Company is Ready to Launch Fully-Integrated Campaigns For You.


How much does it cost to open a Fitness Evolution?

The overall investment to open a new Fitness Evolution is projected to be between $325,000 and $1,634,500. This includes the franchisee fee, build out, equipment, virtually everything you need to get your club up and operating. We also have a conversion opportunity available which will range from $161,100 to $618,250.

What are the financial requirements for opening a Fitness Evolution?

For a new franchisee: we require $350k in liquid assets and $1M in net worth. This is to ensure financing will be available to you if necessary.

What are the ongoing royalty fees?

Royalty fees will be 2.5% of Gross Revenues.

What size building do I need in order to open a Fitness Evolution? Is there a specific building I have to find?

We typically look for square footage to be 17k – 30k. Your location can be in malls, strip malls, or stand alone buildings. We will help provide assistance when looking for a location if necessary.

I have never owned a club before but have an opportunity and desire to now. Will Fitness Evolution support a franchisee from start to operational independence?

At Fitness Evolution we are operators. We operate gyms unlike any other significant franchising fitness brand in America – we are actually owners and operators of facilities. We have already vetted our designs, architects, operating systems and you will have access to all the negotiated vendor deals. By using our billing system and club operations platform it will remove many of the complex skill oriented tasks from daily operations which will free you up for more daily management and opening more facilities! We want each franchisee to be successful in their market so as we learn your market with you, if there is something that does not work in our other stores but works for you, we are happy to help you with it and learn with you.

I have owned club(s) and have been part of franchises that offered little assistance, many restrictions, and required enormous franchise fee. Why should I entertain the idea of committing to another franchise as opposed to just starting my own brand?

Most fitness franchises offer little assistance, many restrictions and require enormous franchise fees. Fitness Evolution has the lowest franchisee fees of any coed fitness brand in America. Starting your own brand can be very expensive and finding marketable names can be very difficult without ending up with trademark infringement of someone else’s brand just as we are consistently defending our trademarks. Fitness Evolution has spent tens of thousands of dollars trade-markings our names, our logos, developing and refining the look, feel, and culture of our facilities. As an owner, you can just focus on the more productive tasks related to growing your business. For existing operators that meet our criteria, we give you a new image with nationwide representation, branding guides, operating manuals, franchise online presence that drives online membership signups.

I’m surrounded by national chains of all sizes. How will you help me compete?

Fitness Evolution is located in some of the most competitive landscapes in the country. We run a high volume, low price model with integrity and great service which competes very well against any brand. Let us work with you in deciding how to best compete in your market.

The industry is constantly changing. How will you help us evolve?

Our name states it best, Fitness Evolution. The industry is constantly evolving as are we. We help our franchisees develop and encourage them to lead the market instead of reacting to other operators. Our first two stores are radically different from our last two due to the changing landscape and market needs. In some markets a fairly simple operation without GroupX is ideal while in another market a full service facility (GroupX, swimming pool, child care, etc) makes more sense.

How would my members benefit if we were part of your organization?

Your members will benefit from a simple honest membership approach with integrity. One that allows for a simple and effective online sign up which helps drives memberships. They will be part of very high quality clubs, extremely affordable in price, most which are month to month memberships. Premium members will have access to all facilities nationwide, currently more than 30.


If you are interested in learning more about Fitness Evolution and our franchise opportunities, please give us some information about you and your situation and we will reach out to you shortly.


This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for information purposes only. Currently, the following states regulate the offer and sale of franchises: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. If you are a resident of one of these states, we will not offer you a franchise unless and until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your jurisdiction.