Free Weights in Ft. Washington

There are a number of different things you can do at a gym. We know that some people come to gyms for a variety of things, whether it is weight training, fitness classes, endurance training or anything else. Fitness Evolution in Ft. Washington aims to be the best at everything, but we currently want to go over one topic with you: weight training.

Fitness Evolution in Ft. Washington is a fantastic gym to become a member of due to the wide range of services and machines we offer. However, we are especially proud of all of our free weights. We know that the key to making huge muscular gains in the gym relies on weight training. When you envision someone who goes to the gym often, you likely imagine a fit person with toned muscles. For people to efficiently get toned muscles, they should be working out with free weights.

We also have many machines in case you’re not interested in utilizing the squat rack, dumbbells, barbells, and bench press area. However, we are here to tell you that using machines results in a workout that isn’t as effective and efficient as a workout that utilizes free weights. Whenever possible, you should opt for utilizing free weights over machines.

Why do free weights result in more effective workouts than machines? The primary reason is because there is a wider range-of-motion. Due to having a greater range-of-motion provided by free weights, you are able to work out more muscle groups at one time. Because you are working out more muscle groups with just one simple free weight exercise, you are expending more energy, thus resulting in a much more effective and efficient workout.

Free weights simply involve much more natural movements than machines. Machines can force you to do uncomfortable and rigid movements that you’re not used to. Of course, there are great benefits to machines as well, but we will go over those another day. When it comes to making muscular gains and reaching the goals that you set for yourself, it is best to work out with free weights.

If you are concerned about working out with free weights, you should address those concerns. If you don’t want to use free weights because you work out by yourself and don’t have a reliable spotter, there a few ways to resolve the problem. The easiest way to get a spotter is to either ask a Fitness Evolution employee for help or asking a fellow solo gym-goer for a spot. If you don’t feel comfortable asking someone you don’t know for a spot, you can ask a friend to start coming to the gym with you so that you can spot each other while lifting weights.

If you still don’t feel comfortable working out with free weights, you can ask any of our trainers for pointers on how to properly lift free weights. We want you to be as healthy as possible, and strengthening your body is essential to living a fit life.

We hope that you come to Fitness Evolution in Ft.  Washington so that you can check out our fantastic free weights area. We would love to give you a tour of our gym!


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