Why Do Group Sterling Fitness Classes Work?

Everywhere you look, newspaper headlines and online reports encourage you to exercise. “Physical activity reduces your risk of heart disease,” they say. “Exercise delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.” “Fitness guidelines recommend 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise a week.”

Everyone knows that exercise is important for physical and mental health, but few people actually get moving. In fact, half of the American population fails to meet the minimum exercise guidelines established by the federal government. Why is it so hard to stick to a workout plan?

Most people start an exercise routine with enthusiasm and gusto. They make New Year’s resolutions and birthday pledge, and they set class reunion goals. Despite their good intentions, however, life happens. They get busy, distracted or simply lose interest. They exercise less often until they fail to exercise at all.

Motivation is the Key to Sustaining a Workout Plan

Motivation is the key to sustaining an exercise program, and Sterling fitness classes can help. If you are serious about getting in shape and staying there, group fitness can help you stay motivated. Look for a gym that is close to your home or work, check for cost-saving deals and consider the types of classes you like the most.

What Group Fitness Classes are Available?

Boot camp, cross-training, Jazzercise, kick boxing, Pilates, spin, yoga, and Zumba are eight of the most popular fitness classes Sterling offers. Most classes are suitable for everyone, and you can tailor them to your fitness level. Classes provide structure that can motivate you to exercise, and they are a less expensive alternative to a personal trainer. If you have the financial means, however, you can use them in conjunction with a trainer.

Why Do Group Fitness Classes Work?

The group fitness classes in Sterling work for many reasons. Convenience combined with structure can keep you on track. Most health clubs have enough classes that you can schedule one into your busy day. The best Sterling fitness classes are near your home or office. You are in and out in about an hour, and your exercise is done for the day.

The cost of fitness classes is another reason they work. Since most classes require advance payment, you are more motivated to participate. Be sure to check for deals or ask your health club about them. Many facilities offer free demo classes, trial weeks, “30 days for 30 dollars,” and other specials.

The fitness classes Sterling offers allow you to meet old friends and make new ones. You get to know the instructors too. Keeping up with friends in a class gives you a better workout than you could get on your own. The encouragement they provide motivates you to work harder to reach your goals.

Finally, group classes give you strength and stamina. You can even build on them with weight lifting, personal training and nutrition education. You will look and feel better than ever before. For more information on group fitness classes in Sterling, see Fitness Evolution at 21800 Towncenter Plaza, Town Center, at the corner of Route 7 and Drainesville Rd. We are near the Giant and right next door to Glory Days.


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