A Gym in Hyattsville that has Great Classes

When you sign up for Hyattsville gyms, you may be eyeing the cardio machines or thinking how nice it would be to do some weightlifting. However, one overlooked benefit of gym memberships is the classes they offer. Available at specific times of the day, the classes encourage you to get a full one-hour workout in, and you might even make a few friends in the process. You’re more likely to come in and exercise if you schedule time into your day one of these classes. Here are just a few of the different classes you might want to sign up for at local Hyattsville gyms.

Lose Weight with Dance

In general, dancers have clearer skin, better memory and calmer emotions. You don’t doubt that you can lose weight through dance, but did you know that you can shimmy off some pounds with classes in bellydancing? This unique art form offers some unique health benefits as the rapid contractions and releases used in the dance work to elongate and strengthen muscles. This is why belly dancers often have better digestion and less back pain. It improves overall fitness and helps build muscle. It’s a fun aerobic workout that can reduce stress levels, help you lose weight and improve your self-image.

A Mixture of Techniques

At the best gym in Hyattsville, you can take Bodyflow classes. These courses combine Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi into a workout that helps make you stronger while improving your flexibility. Most clients walk out of the class feeling more centered and calm. It utilizes controlled breathing, concentration and a specific series of stretches and moves to provide you with a holistic workout that will help you reach your goals and feel better.

Catch the Zumba Craze

People who invest in these classes enjoy weight loss and become more toned. The moves are easy to follow, and the fast-paced Latin-inspired music helps you pick up the pace and keep moving. The classes are designed to be upbeat and fun, so you’ll never be bored. Many people report that it’s also an excellent stress reliever. A side benefit of this particular class is that you may even improve your coordination. It’s ideal for people of all ages, and everyone from teenagers up to aging adults are doing this hot type of class to lose weight and start feeling great.

Sculpting through Cardio

Give your lower body an intense workout while you sculpt your abs for better definition. This energizing class features cardio exercises to help you lose weight, but also focuses on the areas you’re most concerned about.

At the Fitness Evolution gym in Hyattsville, you can sign up for any of these classes. Instructors at this facility also offer special strength training classes and cardio workouts specifically for your core. With Zumba, you can work on toning problem areas or just shed pounds. If you’re interested in losing weight through the art of bellydance, then you can sign up for a class at the best gym in Hyattsville. The gym offers flexible hours, and we’re open seven days a week. Our rates are reasonable, and you won’t have to pay a heavy deposit to get started. Call us today to see how we can help you meet your weight loss goals through our fun and interesting classes.


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