The Kids Club Baltimore Gym Program

Enjoy Childcare as Part of a Gym’s Amenities

Parents often struggle with finding affordable childcare while they are having a workout. The reality is most families do not have the money to join an exercise facility and pay for a babysitter at the same time. Fortunately, the gym Baltimore parents can join today has the additional amenity of on-site childcare services several days a week with both morning and evening hours. This means that parents can schedule a time to have an independent workout or participate in personal training anytime of the year. The Kids Club Baltimore gym program is available year-round, including in the summer when many children are not in school.

Join a Gym that is Affordable

A parent may think it costs a fortune to join a facility that provides childcare, but there are Kids Club Baltimore gyms that offer low membership fees. Not only is the membership to the facility affordable, it is possible to join without signing a long-term contract. This means that if your family’s budget changes or you no longer have time to participate, then you are not locked into paying a contract. Summer is the perfect time to visit the gym Baltimore parents recommend to enjoy a free three day pass. Call the facility to talk to its employees about a tour of the exercise and locker rooms.

Watch a Movie While You Exercise

While touring the facility, notice how clean the equipment is, making it possible to have a quick 30 minute cardio workout on days you are busy. You will find elliptical machines, stationary bicycles and stair-climbers that are equipped with high-definition televisions. This means that while you are exercising, it is possible to watch a new movie or a favorite television program. Of course, while enjoying a workout and being entertained, your children are cared for by the Kids Club Baltimore gym’s employees. The childcare workers make sure your children also learn about physical fitness and nutrition while at the gym’s childcare.

Get Workout Plans during Each Visit

If it has been awhile since you have exercised, then learning a few new techniques can help with building muscle strength and losing weight. Trainers in the facility are happy to explain how to use the different equipment safely to avoid sprained tendons while maximizing workouts. You can even sign up for personal training sessions several times a week to get individualized workout and meal plans. You are probably thinking that all of these amenities cost hundreds of dollars a month, but the Premium plan is less than $20.00 a month, making it affordable for every parent.

Receive a Free Tanning Benefit

The name of the gym Baltimore parents should join is Fitness Evolution. Members never need to sign a contract and pay their fees on a monthly basis with a Basic or Premium plan. The Premium plan provides the Kids Club Baltimore benefit that parents love along with additional perks such as 50 percent off on cooler drinks, guest privileges and a free T-shirt. You get to enjoy an upscale locker room with showers and unlimited tanning, during each visit. This exercise facility is open seven days a week with a variety of hours, including early mornings and evenings, making it simple to schedule a workout.


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