How to Make the Most of Your Health Club Membership

When you get a health club membership, you want to make the most of it. Even if you’re paying the bargain rate of $9.99 a month without contracts, you still want it to be worth every penny and then some. Getting the most out of your time at the gym means stretching your horizons, learning what your gym has available and making good use of the amenities.

Ask for a Tour of the Health Club Before Joining

When you join a fitness center, you usually get a tour of the center and the different amenities. However, you may not have taken everything in on that initial tour. Maybe you were chatting with friends during it or you just didn’t have time on that first day. If you feel like you’re missing something at the gym, then stop by customer service and ask for another tour. This is your chance to ask how certain pieces of equipment work and learn more about your available options.

Make Use of the Stations

The top gyms feature different stations that cater to various workouts. The cardio area has machines for getting your blood moving and helping you burn calories. You may find rowing machines, ellipticals, stair climbers, stationary bikes and treadmills in this area. Another large station might feature weight machines where you use pins to adjust the weight levels and make your workout more or less intense. In another area, you may see open space with exercise balls, hand weights, kettle bells and other equipment that you can use for your own exercise regimen. If you prefer dumbells and traditional weight equipment, then you’ll find a range of equipment for your weight lifting needs.

Make use of these stations to do different workouts throughout the week. This will help you avoid plateaus and keep things interesting. You may choose to focus on cardio one day, work on arms the next day, and then focus on your legs or abdomen on your next trip to the gym.

Do your Research First

You may look at the equipment and feel intimidated, but you can overcome this by doing your research. Look up different exercises online based on your personal goals. If you still feel uncertain, then talk with a personal trainer to learn what exercises are best for helping you achieve the right fitness levels. There are countless shows, self-help books and articles dedicated to helping you customize a great exercise regimen, and the gym will have all the equipment you need to make it happen.

Consider the Classes

Classes are fun, and they only cost a few dollars every month at Fitness Evolution. You might make some new friends, and you’re sure to learn a few new exercise moves. The great benefit of classes is that the instructors encourage you to push harder and reach for a higher level in your workout.

Put it on the Calendar

Do you have friends who cannot wait to get the gym? Maybe you have a co-worker who talks about working out the same way you look forward to your favorite show. Not everybody starts out with this level of enthusiasm. When you first start going to the gym, you may view it as a chore to be dreaded and tolerated. This is more normal than you think. The important thing is to force yourself to go, even when you’d rather curl up with a book. Put it on the calendar and make time for it. As you visit the gym and improve your health, you’ll be surprised to discover that you’ll also start looking forward to your regular visits to the health club.

Discover What Health Club Works for You

Those first visits to the gym are hard. As you’re working on the treadmill, you start thinking about all the other things you could be doing at home or with friends. It’s easy to toss in the towel at that point, do ten minutes on the treadmill and then head home. However, it’s better to push yourself to stay longer and burn some more calories. If you need a friend to motivate you, then put the word out on your social media network that you’re looking for a gym buddy. You’ll be surprised at how many people are also looking for a gym partner. If you prefer pumping iron to music, then invest in an arm band for your iPod or smartphone. You can even take your tablet to the gym to read the latest best seller while you’re on the bike or treadmill. The main thing is to find that little trick that will help you put more effort into your visits and then make use of it.

Buy a Tape Measure and Start Charting

You’ve heard it a million times. People tell you to stop worrying about the number on your scale and look at the numbers on the tape measure. Base your success by how your clothes fit or feel. It takes time to see a positive change, and you’ll see it first on the tape measure. Track your different measurements on a piece of paper along with the dates. Seeing those numbers start to shrink can motivate you to keep going. Watching them move in the wrong direction can alert you to problems and help you make more dietary changes. Finally, going back and looking at far you’ve come can help you maintain the commitment and keep up with the healthy new changes.

When you sign up for a fitness center, it’s easy to feel like the money is being wasted if you never make it through the doors. The only way to meet all of your fitness goals is to start eating healthier and exercise regularly. The local gym has all the equipment you need to develop the exercise routine that works best for you and helps you achieve your goals, but it’s ultimately up to you to take the next step. Use these tips to make the most of your gym membership and start improving your overall health and well-being.


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