Online Training / Nutrition

Fitness Evolution is pleased to offer online training and nutrition services for our premium members.

Features Include:

Workout Generator

Take the guesswork out of your hard work. Let the Workout Generator create your ideal workout based on your personal goals.

Meal Planning

Track and plan meals from our massive food database with over 70,000 foods and growing. Members and trainers can set calorie-based goals. Success is tracked with a letter grade so members know exactly how well they are doing.

Online Schedule

Members love being able to access their trainer’s schedule and make appointments online. Alerts can be sent to both trainer and member, and you can even export your calendar to your PC or mobile phone. Our scheduling system is the best in the industry, hands down!

Tracking Workouts

Members can access workouts given to them by their trainer from anywhere using a PC, mobile phone, tablet, or any other internet-connected device. Workouts are printable as well.