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If you have been thinking about joining a Richmond healthclub and you have never followed through, the time for procrastinating is over. Exercising at a gym can get you into the kind of shape that you have been dreaming about whenever you look in the mirror. If you have a job that does not allow you to move around a great deal during the day, it is even more important for you to give your body the exercise it needs. Being in shape will not only increase your confidence in social settings, it will make you more resistant to illness. It should not be a surprise that overweight people get sick more often than people who are in shape. There is no reason for you to delay joining a gym any longer. If you do decide to join one of the many healthclubs in Richmond, you might want to consider taking a fitness class. Here are a few classes commonly offered by most gyms:

Boot camp (also known as fitness boot camp)

This is a physical training program that is designed to be performed in a group setting. The goal of the program is to increase fitness and strength by using several intense group intervals over the course of one hour. The program generally begins with dynamic stretching and running. It continues with interval training that includes plyometrics, situps, pushups, pulling TRX straps and lifting weights or various objects. Each session is normally concluded by doing some yoga stretching. The exercises using weights are specially designed to increase the efficiency of the cardiovascular system and reduce body fat. Nutrition advice is also offered during many boot camp programs at healthclubs in Richmond.

Spinning (indoor cycling)

This type of class can be found at the best healthclub Richmond. It is focused on high intensity workouts, intervals, strength, endurance and recovery. People sit on a stationary exercise bicycle that contains a weighted flywheel that is capable of simulating the effects of momentum and inertia that a person experiences when they are taking a ride on an actual bicycle. The stationary bicycle also features multiple adjustment points to adjust the bike to any rider, handlebars that are specially shaped and a device that allows the pedaling difficulty to be changed. An instructor leads the class through various routines that are supposed to simulate terrain that would be encountered if a person was riding outdoors. Interval training, sprints and climbs are frequently used in spinning routines.


This aerobics program is designed to develop cardiovascular fitness. Classes at a Richmond healthclub are either 45 or 55 minutes long and contemporary music is played during each section of the class. Les Mills International created and distributed the course, creating new programs for it every three months. Aerobic movements such as stepping, jumps, kicks and marching are all part of the program.

If you want to join the best healthclub Richmond, take a look at Fitness Evolution located at 5750 Brook Road, Richmond, VA. It is around the right side of the shopping center, near the rear. For additional information, you can call (804) 261-6700.


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