Our Riverbank, California Location is Expanding!

Fitness Evolution in Riverbank, CA has been working around-the-clock in order to provide you and the rest of our members with the best gym experience possible. We decided that the best way to enhance your gym experience was by expanding our Fitness Evolution facility in Riverbank, California! At Fitness Evolution, we know that many of our members want to improve their health and fitness in 2014. As a result, our New Year’s Resolution was to expand Fitness Evolution in order to help you reach your 2014 goals!

First off, we are going to add a brand new Cardio Cinema room to our facility. We have heard the suggestions from our members, and we know that Cardio Cinema is an amenity that many people are interested in. Our Cardio Cinema room will constantly play movies throughout the day so that you can watch a film while you get your cardio workout in for the day. Cardio Cinema is perfect for anyone who gets bored while working out on cardio equipment. You can watch a movie and become completely immersed in the movie while running or biking. At first, it might feel a bit strange to work out while completely focusing on a movie right in front of you. However, after a short while, your muscle memory will start to take over. This means that you can completely immerse yourself in the movie while performing an effective cardio workout!

Our weight room floor is already a great place for you to lift weights. However, we thought we could improve your workouts by making the weight room floor even larger! In fact, we will be expanding our entire equipment area by a whopping 20%! With a larger equipment floor comes more equipment! Our increased amount of equipment will help make each of your workouts more effective, as you will not have to wait for anyone to be done using a certain machine or bench. Also, there will be more room to move around as you lift weights.

Additionally, our dance room is now going to be bigger than before. How big you ask? How about two times as big as it currently is? That’s right: We are going to double the size of our dance room! This means that the dance room will be able to hold more people during group fitness classes. As a result, you will have plenty of room to work out during group fitness classes. Furthermore, no one will have to miss out on any group fitness classes, and there will be plenty of room for everyone to join in! Group fitness classes are a fantastic way to stay motivated while working out, and we want you to always have the ability to join a group fitness class at any time!


The larger dance floor will also be extremely useful when we are not holding group fitness classes. You can use the room to practice any type of dance you desire, and you can bring along some friends. If our dance floor is ever open with no classes scheduled, feel free to bring some friends into the room for a fun time!

While these renovations are underway, Fitness Evolution will continue providing Riverbank, CA with the best gym experience available. However, we know that once the renovations are complete, your experience will be enhanced! In the meantime, please visit us and continue to work on your plan to get fit! Whether you made a New Year’s Resolution to gain weight or simply have fitness and health goals that aren’t tied to the New Year, we want to help you be as healthy as possible.

We truly believe that all of our renovations will help you perform more effective workouts on an everyday basis. As a result, you will produce better results every single day! At Fitness Evolution in Riverbank, California, we are all about our members getting the results they desire. We always want you to have a productive time when you’re at Fitness Evolution, and our expansion will provide you with 25% more space to work out!

Thank you for your interest in Fitness Evolution, and we can’t wait for you to see how our beautiful gym looks after the expansion is finished!


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