5 Ways to Save Money on a Gym Membership

A gym membership is a health investment, but you can always find ways to cut costs. Healthclubs in Everett sign up more members in January than any other season due to annual New Year’s resolutions. People want to get in shape after Christmas, and healthclubs compete for their business. This means lower membership fees and cost savings for you.

If you missed the boat in January, it is not too late to save money on a gym membership. “Consumer Reports Money Advisor” says you may get a bigger discount if you wait until the end of a month to sign up. Many clubs have monthly sales quotas that they must meet, so they sell memberships at lower prices.

The best healthclub Everett offers is often the most affordable one. There are many to choose from, so take the time to research your options, tour the clubs and look for ways to save. Here are five ways to save money on an Everett healthclub.

1. Healthclub Trial Runs

Many healthclubs in Everett have trial memberships, so make a test run before you open your wallet. Visit the facility at the time you plan to work out. Talk to members and ask them for opinions. Request a copy of the fee schedule.

2. Social Media Offers

While you are looking for the best healthclub Everett has to offer, look for special deals on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and other social media. Check gym websites for coupons and membership discounts, and sign up for their mailing lists. Look for additional savings on Groupon, Living Social and similar sites.

3. Fee Negotiations

When you decide on an Everett healthclub, speak with the manager to negotiate a deal. Some healthclubs in Everett charge lower rates if you pay for the year instead of month to month. If you cannot negotiate a lower membership fee, look for in-kind benefits like a free wellness check or personal training session.

4. Flexible Workouts

Sometimes, healthclubs in Everett offer special rates that are not advertised. For example, some gyms offer discounts or different membership levels if you use the facility on non-peak hours or days. They may also reduce the rates for members who do not use perks like childcare, fitness classes or the swimming pool.

5. Group Rates

According to “Consumer Reports Money Advisor,” some Everett healthclub facilities lower their rates for groups. Your employer may have deals with local fitness clubs as part of a wellness program. If your employer does not offer this benefit, ask your friends or family members to join together for the group rate. Some health insurance plans offer discounts on gym memberships, so check your insurance policy too.

More Ways to Save

There are other ways to save money on a gym membership, such as reading your contract. The cancellation fee may be the most expensive healthclub charge you encounter. Some gyms also require a 60-day cancellation notice. Without reading the fine print, you may have to pay fees for a membership you no longer use.

To learn more about the best healthclub Everett has for you, visit Fitness Evolution at 7621 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98203 (Located right next to Ross in the Cascade Plaza, just north of Cascade High School.). With low monthly payments and no contracts, you can get in shape and improve your health without hurting your wallet.


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