How to Make the Most of Your Health Club Membership

When you get a health club membership, you want to make the most of it. Even if you’re paying the bargain rate of $9.99 a month without contracts, you still want it to be worth every penny and then some. Getting the most out of your time at the gym means stretching your horizons, learning what your gym has available and making good use of the amenities. [Read more…]

How Laurel Gyms Can Help you Reach your Goals

There’s a great deal of focus on health these days. More and more people are recognizing the benefits of regular exercise. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose that last 10 pounds, if you’re overweight by more than 100 pounds, or if you’re just trying to improve your flexibility. Laurel gyms can help you reach your goals. There are countless benefits to exercising regularly, and the best health club in the area will provide you with the variety and options that you need to help you succeed.

Break Through the Plateau

Everyone who has worked hard to lose weight understands the frustration of the plateau. You’re following all the rules of the diet, running on the treadmill every morning and doing everything right. The pounds were falling off, and now the scale refuses to move past a certain number. The fact of weight loss is that plateaus are quite normal. Part of the problem could be that your body is adjusting to the new lifestyle, but you can overcome this by shaking things up. If you’ve always done the treadmill, then spend time on the elliptical. Add some free weights to your routine. Take a break from your regular aerobics workout by taking a Zumba class. With the wide range of class options and equipment available at your local fitness center, you can shake up the workout routine and break through that plateau.

Test Your Strength

Women commonly fall for the myth that lifting weights will make them bulky, and this is a serious problem. The fact is that lifting weights is very beneficial to your health, and it doesn’t have to make you bulky. You could spend thousands of dollars buying weights and machines for your home, and you still won’t have the variety that’s found at your favorite gym. The beauty of testing your strength and lifting weights is that it works to change your metabolism. Here are the top reasons you should add weight training to your workout:

• It builds muscle mass. You can start losing muscle as early as your twenties, so this is important to protect your body and keep it strong as you age.

• You’ll make your bones stronger. Women have to worry more about osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. As you lift weights and get your body working, you’ll naturally increase bone density to keep them strong as you age. The regular weight lifting sessions can even work to reverse the damage of bone loss.

• Better balance and stability reduce the risk of falls. The young hate falling because it’s embarrassing. The elderly worry about falling because it can lead to broken hips, surgeries and even brain damage. The fact is that a simple fall can be fatal for a senior citizen. Strength training forces you to work the core and strengthen your muscles. Better stability goes hand in hand with these improvements, so it’s less likely that you’ll experience dangerous falls as you age. If you’re currently struggling with poor balance, then weight training is even more important.

• Lower blood pressure levels are healthy. You may not know this, but working out the muscles stimulates blood flow and that helps lower your blood pressure. Your heartrate will increase during the exercise, so you should check with your doctor before you start a serious lifting regimen.

• Muscle tissue really does burn more calories that fat tissue. Your body will burn more calories keeping the muscles healthy than it will to maintain fat. This makes weight training a key component of weight loss.

When you’re ready to improve your fitness levels, you’ll be pleased to find that Fitness Evolution has an incredible range of equipment to choose from. Hand weights are great for doing your own custom workouts and targeting your arms or other areas. If you want to take it up to a higher level, you can move on to the machines where you can work with heavier weights to make your legs, arms, back and core stronger.

Assistance and Advice

If you’ve never used Laurel gyms before, then you might feel a little overwhelmed the first time you walk through the doors. Most of the machines will have directions on them showing you how to use the equipment, but you may have more questions or concerns. The best health club in the area has a friendly staff that’s happy to answer your questions and show you how to work different machines. You can also sign up with a personal trainer to help you reach your personal goals and start looking your best.

Endurance and Strength

The beauty of joining a fitness center is that you can work out your entire body. Weight training is important for your overall health and well-being, but you also want to work on your endurance with cardio. They’re both important parts of the total workout. If you’re working towards better overall health, then a great balance is to focus on cardio one day and the weights the next day. This pattern helps you get moving every day without overdoing it and accidentally hurting yourself. Fitness Evolution offers you the same great variety in cardio equipment that you enjoy with the weights and machines. You can start off with the treadmill to get your blood pumping, move on to the stairclimber for your upper legs and then finish off at the spin station to increase your heart rate and improve endurance. You won’t have all of these options at home, but they’re waiting for you at the local gym.

One of the greatest benefits of Fitness Evolution is that we have an abundance of equipment to accommodate our clients. Even if you stop in during a busier time of day, you can usually hop on a machine and get started. We have low rates that our customers love, and we hope that you’ll be impressed with our great service. We’re here to help you meet your goals, so stop in to visit us today and tour one of our facilities.

Hyattsville Gyms – Feel Great About Your Body

Are you unsatisfied with the way that your body looks right now? Could you stand to lose a few pounds? Did you used to look much better a few years ago? Do you constantly feel sluggish and tired? If you answered yes to any of these questions, things are not going to get better if you keep doing what you have been doing. If you keep sitting on your butt without taking any action to solve your problems, you will keep gaining weight. Along with the extra pounds, other health problems associated with being overweight are certain to follow. [Read more…]

Federal Way Gyms – The Best Way to Stay in Shape

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. All you need to do is pay a visit to your local grocery store to see the vast amount of people who are struggling with this potentially deadly health issue. It has now become necessary for large retail stores to provide motorized carts for customers to use when they are too obese to walk by themselves. When did this start to happen? More importantly, why did this start to happen? 20 years ago, obesity was nowhere near the level that it is now. One of the popular theories for the rise in obesity is the invention of computers and video games. Both of these pieces of technology keep millions of people sitting in one place for many hours in a row. Children also use computers and video games at a high rate. This could help to explain the drastic increase in childhood obesity in recent years. If you are one of the many people who are obese, or if you simply want to lose a few pounds and tone up your body, joining a gym is an excellent way to accomplish your goal. Health club professionals can help you workout safely and effectively. There are quite a few Federal Way gyms that you may find suitable for your needs. [Read more…]