Reasons to Join the Best Affordable Fitness Center in Seattle

The physical health of a person is a critical factor in determining their quality of life and how long they will live. Having said this, the amount of people who allow their bodies to deteriorate until they become obese is astonishing. It seems that obesity is an issue everywhere in the United States. At this point, it has become an epidemic of enormous proportions. Obese people do not need to only lose 10 or 20 pounds. These are all people who are a minimum of 50 pounds overweight. A large number of these people have reached the point where they are not able to walk under their own power. They need to use motorized carts that are commonly found in various retail stores and malls. If you fall into the obese category, or if you want to prevent yourself from becoming obese, joining a Seattle health club would be a wise decision. What are some of the advantages that working out in a gym can give you? Let’s take a look at two: [Read more…]

Fun Filled Kids Club Seattle

Are you unhappy with the way you look? You are certainly not alone. If you are obese, there is no reason to keep going through life being embarrassed to walk on the beach. If you find yourself shying away from social situations and interacting with others simply because you are insecure about your appearance, it is time for you to make a change in your life. That change should begin by joining a gym. While exercising by yourself is certainly better than not exercising at all, many people do not get the same motivation working out alone that they do in a gym when they are surrounded by people. This is especially true regarding people who are new to working out and may be tempted to quit soon after they begin. These high risk cases need all the support
and motivation they can get. [Read more…]

Fitness Club in Seattle, Things to Consider

Working Out and Muscle Memory

Have you been working hard to lose weight, but you suddenly hit a plateau? If what used to work for you doesn’t seem to do the trick anymore, then you may be having problems with muscle memory. It’s essentially your body’s natural way of coping with your new lifestyle, and this is why it’s important to shake things up. If you’ve been working out at home, then you’re off to a great start. However, you may want to consider signing up at the best fitness club in Seattle to break through the plateau and reach the next level. [Read more…]

Group Exercise Classes at a Seattle Fitness Center

Kids like to go on play dates with their friends. A teenager’s world revolves around friendships. While adults want to spend time with their friends, busy workloads often interfere with their social lives. Group fitness gives people an opportunity to be physically active with others. In Seattle fitness center classes, they can feel young again.

Group Exercise Classes at a Seattle Fitness Center

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) describes group fitness as any exercise performed by a group of people led by an instructor. Group exercise exists in many different formats, from aerobics and choreographed dance to boot camp and yoga. People choose their classes based on the gym or studio they attend, the instructor’s expertise and the amount of time they have.

A top Seattle fitness center offers popular Les Mills workouts such as BodyFlow, BodyPump, BodyCombat and CXWorx. It also offers Dance Sensation workouts, yoga, Zumba and Tabata interval training. There is something for everyone and every fitness level.

Group Exercise Benefits

Group fitness offers many benefits that people miss when they choose to work out at home. The fun, social environment is one of the draws of group exercise. The accountability factor is another important benefit. Exercise classes provide a consistent schedule that keeps people on track to their fitness goals. Moreover, they provide a safe and effective workout.

Boredom is a common reason for quitting an exercise program. By including variety in group classes, a Seattle fitness center keeps members interested and motivated to stick to their workouts. The variety comes in the form of exercise formats, instructor styles, music selection and class interaction.

Many people quit exercising, despite their good intentions, because of time constraints. Group activities can help them overcome this obstacle. Most classes last an hour, but some health clubs offer 30- and 45-minute classes for exercisers who are short on time.

Everyone knows exercise is good for them, but some people have a hard time starting a fitness routine. They may not know where to begin. Group fitness offers effective workouts for all fitness levels, from beginner exercises to advanced training. Safe and effective workouts are already planned, so all a club member has to do is show up with a good attitude and desire for fun.

Specially Designed Classes

Most exercise classes are structured with a purpose; they are designed to improve a particular aspect of fitness. When they are designed appropriately, they include a warm-up, cool-down, flexibility stretching and conditioning exercises. This keeps people from skipping important workout portions they may not tackle on their own.

Not only do fitness experts design exercise components, but they also plan the workout intensity. This ensures that the exercise classes improve muscular and cardiovascular fitness. Instructors are an important resource for health club members. They not only motivate their class participants, but they also encourage them to engage in healthy activities outside of class.

Fitness Evolution

Group fitness is appealing for its diversity, health benefits and social interactions. Most exercise classes are held inside a fitness center under the guidance of trained and experienced instructors. Many gyms have personal trainers who provide non-traditional exercise activities as well.

Fitness Evolution is a leading Seattle fitness center with group classes to meet different exercise needs. The facility is located at 13201 Aurora Avenue North in Seattle, Washington – right next to Rite Aid, Ross and Wells Fargo on the west side of the street. For more information, call 206-659-4577