How to Get Fit While Playing Pokemon Go

Staying fit while playing Pokemon

Pokémon Go is more than a mobile game; it’s become quite the sensation! With more than 7 million downloads of the game already, it’s safe to say it’s not likely to go anywhere anytime soon. When we think of video games, it usually involves sitting for hours in front of a screen with little to no movement or activity.

The opposite is true with Pokémon Go, since the more you move, the better your chances are in getting to the next level. Its engagement has led to official meetups and informal gatherings of people banding together on the hunt for Pokémon. There has been a gamification to exercise which are keeping people entertained and in shape.

Automatic Exercise Incentives Built Into the Game

The goal of the game is to track down all the Pokémon available, which are scattered throughout the city in different locations. Yelp has even joined the Pokémon craze by adding PokéStops to reviews so users know if they’ll be able to catch one next time they’re dining out, going to get a haircut, or hitting the gym.

What does this all mean for fitness? One of the best types of exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels is walking. In order to track down as many Pokémon as possible, you’ve got to get moving. In the same way step trackers like Fitbit made walking a competitive goal to see who can get to 10,000 steps fastest, Pokémon encourages people to explore the city by getting out and walking.

Pokémon Go has a feature called Lucky Egg, which is when the player earns double Experience Points (XP) for free rather than making an in-app purchase. To gain the coveted XPs, players must incubate and hatch Pokémon Eggs. How do they achieve this? By walking anywhere from 1.2 to 6.2 miles, whatever is required, to hatch the egg. One such egg hunt will easily get in your daily recommended steps and exercise.

Plan a Day with Pokémon Go and Get Fit

Planning a day for playing Pokémon? Here are a few ways to get in a good workout at the same time:

Take the stairs. In areas where you’re tracking down Pokémon, take the longer route to get there or opt for stairs, instead of the elevator or flatter areas. You’ll still get to your destination, while also giving your quads a workout and getting your heart pumping a little more.

Bring your dog along. When you bring your pet along, you and your dog get the daily exercise you need. Your pup will be happy and so will you. A winning situation all the way around.

Dress accordingly. Wear comfortable shoes and loose-fit clothing to stay outdoors longer and enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and feeling of triumph as you track down more Pokémon.

Pack snacks. Rather than stopping at the closest convenience store to fuel up, make sure you pack a few healthy snacks or bottled water to stay hydrated and healthy while out and about.

Think about life before Pokémon Go and how much you fit in exercise to your daily routine. The gaming sensation has created a way to burn calories while still having fun. Even if you’ve kept with a regular exercise program before Pokémon resurfaced, it’s still a great way to shake things up and keep yourself from getting into a workout rut.

How To Choose The Right Protein Powder

Protein Powder

Not long ago there were limited choices in the kind of milk we could add to our coffee. In most cases, there was skim, 2%, and whole milk. Now we have the option of almond, soy, organic, lactose-free, and the list goes on and on. The same type of variety can be applied to protein powders for post-workout shakes.

People who use protein powders as part of their regular diet know all too well the wide array offered at any fitness store and most retail markets. For first-time users, the selection can be a bit overwhelming.

If you’re deciding which protein powder is right for you, first determine why you want to add protein powder to your diet. Do you want to build muscle? Ensure you have enough protein in your diet? Or, maybe it’s a combination of the two.

Second, consider any allergies you have or specific tastes you prefer. Protein powder is used by mixing it into a health drink or smoothie. The more you enjoy the taste of the powder, the more likely you will use it on a continuous basis.

Four popular types of proteins are:

  • Whey;
  • Hemp;
  • Pea; and
  • Soy.

Whey is the most commonly used protein. It’s derived from cow’s milk and contains all 9 essential amino acids. This type of protein is used primarily to build muscle. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts use it within about an hour after their workout. Whey is the way to go if you want to increase the amount of your daily protein or maintain muscle. Many brands offer whey powder in several flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Hemp is a non-dairy protein. As the name indicates, it is made from hemp seeds and provides a lesser amount of protein than other powders. It still maintains a good source of fiber and is often combined with pea protein. This protein is not recommended if the goal is to build muscle, but rather if you want to improve your overall nutritional intake.

Pea protein is plant-based and is a good option for people with digestive sensitivities and vegetarians or vegans who want to avoid soy or dairy. Unlike whey, it’s not a complete protein and is usually paired with hemp or rice to meet the essential amino acid profile.

Soy protein comes from ground soybeans and has a greater amount of amino acids than pea or hemp powders. Of all the plant-based proteins, soy is considered the best for building muscle.  It also helps with the immune system and digestion. People who want to steer clear of dairy for health or dietary restrictions, choose soy. This powder is effective in helping to build muscle and reach the daily recommended protein.

The choice for the “right” protein powder comes down to dietary, health, and fitness needs. Different taste profiles, concerns with digestion, cost, and effectiveness of each product will vary from person to person.

In order to choose the protein powder that will work best for you, it’s best to narrow down your search by identifying requirements you want your powder to have. Then, simply test what’s best.