7 Workout Motivation Tips

For many fitness fanatics, daily workouts are as necessary as brushing their teeth or taking a shower. It’s a healthy habit that’s become part of their everyday routine. Whether exercise gets their day off to a good start, makes them feel more energetic, or is a way to alleviate stress, they require little motivation to get in a regular workout.

However, there are those who require a bit more inspiration in order to stick with their fitness plan. If you fall into this second category, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Everyone experiences times when an extra boost is necessary to power through and stay on a healthy track.

We understand self-motivation doesn’t always come easy, so we’re delivering 7 helpful tips to keep the momentum going.

  1. Pick an empowering playlist. Music can set the mood for our workouts. Choose songs that energize you and push you to work out a few, additional minutes or go the literal extra mile. Alternatively, if you need to wind down, select relaxing tunes while you soak up your time of self-care.
  1. Set fitness goals. When you have something to aim for, it can make each workout more worthwhile. Goals can be long-term like focusing on improved health or a lifestyle change. Or, it can be more specific and short-term, such as completing a 5K or dropping a pant size or two.
  1. Create accountability. A workout partner or trainer can be a powerful “tool” to stay the course with your exercise habits. Schedule gym dates with friends or get moving outdoors with a hike or bike ride. If you have someone counting on you to make a workout happen, it can create a greater sense of urgency and commitment to follow through as planned.
  1. Get out of a rut. Too often we quit our regular workouts because we’re burned out by the treadmill or don’t like the monotony of our routine. In order to shake things up, try new classes on a rotating basis or challenge yourself with added weights or repetitions. Small changes are an easy way to add a boost of motivation and sidestep boredom.
  1. Get back on the bandwagon. Maybe it’s been a few weeks (or months) since you’ve worked out and you feel like it’s too big of a hurdle to overcome and start again. The first step is often the hardest, but you’ll soon be back in the swing of things, if you set realistic expectations. Don’t go full throttle all at once. Ease into exercise one step at a time, maybe 10 minutes to start, and build from there.
  1. Schedule it. It’s easy to fill our schedules full of activities but forget to add in a workout. By making an “appointment,” we are purposefully creating time to focus on our fitness. Even on hectic days, 15 or 20 minutes of exercise will do the trick and make you feel so much better.
  1. Update your workout wardrobe. It might not be an incentive for everyone, but a new pair of sneakers or gym outfit may be just the inspiration needed to look and feel good while at the gym. Celebrate milestones with small rewards like these to help keep your health in check and exercise a regular part of your lifestyle.

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