How To Fit In A Workout While You Travel

Hotel Workout

Summer is a prime time to travel, which means you may soon be jet setting or road tripping to an exciting destination ready for rest and relaxation. When our schedules get busier and we step out of our daily routines, it can be easier to start slacking on our diet and workout regimens.

Vacation doesn’t have to be an excuse to let go of our good health habits. If anything, it provides the opportunity to try different ways to work out, which helps us avoid ruts and keeps exercising fun.

Here are a few ideas to mix up your workouts, whether you’re headed to staycation in your own city or traveling to somewhere you’ve never been before.

Take Advantage of Hotel Amenities

Utilize the onsite gyms at hotels whenever possible. Most major hotel chains offer premium amenities including well-equipped gyms and heated pools. Enjoy 20 minutes of swimming laps or lace up your sneakers for the stair climber before you head out for the day. It will give you the energetic boost needed to make the most of your trip.

Additionally, many hotels now offer yoga, free class passes, bikes, kayaks, and other ways for you to fit in exercise without feeling like you’re spending your vacation in the gym.

If the idea of working out is altogether less than appealing when traveling, simply being a tourist can help burn calories. Walking city tours and hiking trails are perfect examples of interactive ways to get the heart rate going, while exploring a new city at the same time.

Bring a Workout with You

Don’t worry about a separate bag for your workout gear. Many travel-friendly workouts can be done without any equipment at all.

Pack a jump rope and sneak in 10 or 15 minutes a few times a day. It can easily be stowed away in a suitcase pocket or carry-on bag. You can use a jump rope nearly anywhere, whenever it’s convenient for you. It can get your blood pumping as you start your day or before a night out on the town.

Have a favorite Pilates or yoga DVD? Bring it with you to wind down and stretch after a long day of exploration. Better yet, use your iPad or smartphone to look up an exercise video on YouTube. Do a quick search for the muscle group you want to focus on and you’ll receive a library of results to choose from, which can be based on the amount of time and space you have.

Add Daily Activity

Your vacation may consist of little more than sipping drinks poolside. However, consider adding at least one activity a day to your schedule. This can range from snorkeling in the ocean, biking to a local cafe, or hiking a nearby summit. Take advantage of options not readily available in your hometown.

The biggest part of staying fit is maintaining healthy habits. Learn to adapt to your surroundings wherever you decide to travel and know you can squeeze in time for a workout wherever you go.


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